Development of advanced high-temperature and high-vacuum technologies
From fabrication to maintenance of high-temperature vacuum furnaces

We fabricate parts using special technologies to process refractory materials (tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum),
and coordinate the entire process up to assembly and improvement of the hot zone as well as doing overhaul work.

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We can coordinate the design of the full equipment system with our long-term experience, knowledge, and the latest techniques such as 3D CAD, thermal analysis, and structural analysis.

Fabrication of various furnace parts

We design and fabricate high-temperature vacuum furnace parts, including heaters and reflectors, using metals such as tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum.

Quality Control

We provide high-quality parts, with excellent quality control and guarantees, and conduct material analysis using X-ray fluorescence to post-processing such as chemical processing, heat treatment, plating, electropolishing, and blasting.

Implementation and assembly

We flexibly meet your needs, from implementation and assembly of parts, to improvement of the hot zone and overhaul work.

Support of deposition equipment operation

From fabrication of consumable parts to improvement, sales of various deposition and target materials, and fighting particle contamination, we support streamlining of business operations with our proprietary knowledge and processing technology.

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Various parts

We provide metal and ceramics parts for vacuum equipment that leverages our expertise in cutting-edge vacuum technology.

Materials for sputtering

We provide solutions to your diverse needs for various sputtering targets and high-purity metals for vacuum deposition with our extensive inventory and expertise.

Measures against particle contamination

We have Particle Getter (PG) sheets that can reduce particles and increase the lifetime of parts in your equipment.

Special processing of refractory metals

We precision-process difficult materials, such as tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum, with our long-term experience, knowledge, and expert techniques.

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Gas atmosphere welder

Gas atmosphere welder

Our proprietary gas atmosphere welder is one of Japan’s largest welders (work area: diameter 800 mm, height 600 mm), which makes welding of large parts possible.


Large press

Deep drawing of large parts from a single sheet can be done, and with our long-term experience and expertise with sheets of materials that are difficult to work with, we are able to meet your specific needs.

Large cutters

Large cutters

We fabricate accurate parts with a short turn-around time with a large laser and water jet cutters.

One of the most extensive inventories in Japan

We have an extensive inventory of high-quality and high-purity tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum plates, rods, wires, and standard size materials.

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From thin 0.05 mm plates to thick 40 mm plates



Rods with diameters from 0.5 mm to 150 mm



Tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum wire with diameters from 0.1 mm to 2 mm