Gas atmosphere welding

We weld high melting point metals including tungsten (melting point 3, 400°C) with our proprietary gas atmosphere welder.

Proprietary gas atmosphere welder

This welder, with a sizable work area, is one of the largest in Japan. A browser supporting video tags is necessary to play videos.

Sample tray made of molybdenum

Stamping and deep drawing of a single sheet

Large stamping press

Stamping and deep drawing of large parts from a single sheet can be done with our extensive experience and proprietary technology.

300t large stamping press

300t large stamping press


Water jet

Our large water jet cutter quickly meets your need for cutting large parts.

Water jet

Water jet


CO2 laser cutter

Accurate cutting is possible with short turnaround times.

CO2 laser cutter

Co2 Laser cutter

List of equipment

Special large equipment

Large water jet cutter

Large CO2 laser cutter

Large gas injection welder

Hydrogen reduction equipment

Ultrapure water equipment

Three-dimensional form measuring equipment

Analysis equipment (SEM/EDX)

Digital microscope


Lathe (NC, generic) 15

Milling machine (NC, generic) 15

Machining center 2

Precision surface grinding machine 3

Surface grinder 3

Wire-cut electric discharge machine 4

Microhole drilling machine 1

TIG Welder 3

Air plasma cutting machine 1


Vacuum heat treatment equipment 2

Hydrogen heat treatment equipment 3

Hydraulic stamping press (various) 8

Stamping press (various) 10

Shearing machine (up to 2m) 10

Pure water washing equipment 1

Ultrasonic cleaning machine 3

Automatic pH neutralization equipment 1